I definitely notice myself being a much happier and enthusiastic person in my workplace and on a daily basis.

I saw results very quickly and continue to do so; my body just feels amazing! I want to see what else I can do.


… I felt–and still feel–the healthiest I have ever been. That constant fight that I’d had for years, that fear of looking at a reflection in the mirror and hating what I saw had gone away.


After two classes a week for almost a year, I felt great and looked amazing. My coworkers and friends all wanted to know what I was doing …

Michele Harper

I travel a lot and I love that I can go anywhere and practice and connect with a huge group of yogis wherever I go.

Kenny Hillman-Love

Seeing progress is motivating! I value the practice of strength, concentration, and letting go.

I find the work you do in class stays with your body and I love that feeling.

Katie Wilt

This yoga makes me feel healthy, young, and vibrant. It impacts every other activity in my life in a positive way. I crave that burst of inspiration that I always get right after my yoga class.

Scott Smith

I like that it’s a different class every time I walk through the door. I’m  guaranteed a mental and physical stretch every time.

Brittany Barton

… from very early on I felt so open and clean, my moods were greatly improved, my body felt strong, and my skin clean and cleansed.

I was much less tense and able to access a creative state of mind more quickly.

David Ashkenazy

I keep coming back because I love how I feel once I’m done with class. I feel very revitalized, fresh and energized.

Erica Irala

…that night, for the first time in 2 1/2 years I slept thru the night and woke up feeling like a different person.

Karen Del Moral