First – Timers

Welcome to Day 1 at Bikram Yoga Park Slope!

We know how intimidating day 1 at a new studio can be, especially one that is heated to 105 degrees! We are so happy that you are ready to join us and take the heat. Below are some common questions from our first-timers. We all have to start somewhere, so scroll down, take a breath, and know that beginning your practice is the best thing you can do for yourself and the ones you love.

Q: Can I eat before I come?

Hydrate well before class and avoid eating two hours beforehand. You don’t want to recook your dinner in the heat!

Q: What time should I get there?

Arrive at least 20 minutes before class start time. Latecomers will not be admitted. Upon entering the studio, please remove your shoes and turn your cell phones off.

Q: Should I register in advance or online?

Register upon your arrival for your first class at the studio. No need to pre-register. There is no intro class; every class teaches the same 26 postures. Come when you are ready–it is always the right time!

Q: Is there a beginner’s special?

Absolutely! Sign up for our amazing Intro Special: $20 for one week of unlimited classes, or $35 for two weeks of unlimited classes.

Q: What should I bring with me?

Bring two bath sized towels, a yoga mat, and a bottle of water OR you can rent a mat ($2) and towels ($1 each) at the studio. Because we love our planet and want to limit any negative impact on it, we do not sell plastic bottled water. If you bring your own bottle from home, we do offer cool refreshing unlimited filtered water refills ($1). We also have an array of delicious coconut water and teas to keep you hydrated.

Q: What do I wear?

Wear as little clothing as you are comfortable in while still remaining appropriate. Women wear shorts and sports bra tops or tanks. Men wear swim trunks or athletic shorts. If you are more comfortable in pants, we recommend tight fitting leggings. Loose clothing becomes uncomfortable when drenched in sweat, so best to avoid sweatpants. Your pants will be sweaty enough as it is! We also have some great clothing designed specifically for hot yoga on sale at the studios.

Q: What if I need a break?

Our teachers are the cream of the crop! You are completely supported during the 90 minute session and are asked to remain in the room the entire time. Yoga is about listening to your body–sit down when you need and know the teacher is there for you.

Q: Any last minute tips?

Start today! The changes awaiting you are immense. So drink up that H2O and take a deep breath–there is no time like the present!