Week 3 Posture Break-Down Series

Where the Real Yoga Begins…

Last Wednesday, BYPS instructor, Katia Riva led the third installment of our Bikram Yoga Posture Break-Down Series, getting us on the mats for an in-depth look at the floor series. Starting with Bhujangasana, or Cobra Pose, Katia pointed out the segments of the spinal cord that each of these back bends against gravity benefit. Bikram himself claims that Bhujangasana is the most difficult posture to learn as a beginner (listen to his recordings), but with Katia’s guidance the group moved through the postures beautifully all the way through the final stretching at the end of the 26 posture Bikram method.

This third installment was the last of the unheated sessions at our newest studio in Lefferts Gardens. Now we are ready to turn up the heat this week with a special TWO HOUR, TWO INSTRUCTOR Bikram session! While one instructor leads the dialogue, the other instructor will circulate around the room to facilitate posture correction. The cost for this special session is $25 per person; however, if you bring a new yoga student to our studio, you will get in for free. IT’S TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!

Please email info@bikramyogaparkslope.com with any questions.


Marriage of the Heart and Lungs

BYPS teacher Rebecca Causey led a full room of yogis from beginner to advanced through the second half of the standing series last week. This was the second in our month-long posture break-down series to welcome the latest addition to our studio family: Hello Lefferts Gardens!!

Rebecca not only demoed the postures herself, but she also pointed out critical aspects of each asana with the help of another Bikram Yoga Park Slope teacher, Katya Riva. Empowered by their personal and supportive approach, participants asked a wide array of questions, including weight distribution during Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee, and heel placement in Toe Stand. Understanding what it means to “drop the hip” in Triangle and where to look during Standing Separate Leg Stretching are game changers for everyone.

Although the room is unheated during these intro sessions this month, the heat builds up with warm up breathing and concentrated attention on pose analysis. We hope you join us for the third installment of this series on August 20th at 7 p.m., where BYPS teacher Katia Riva will lead us all through the floor series…in the words of Bikram: where the real yoga begins.

Week 1 Lefferts Gardens

Step by Step: Posture Break-Down Series in Lefferts

Our first posture-break down class this month was a great success! “T as in Terrrifc” instructors, Rasheda Charles and Kito Lopes, led the class through demonstrations and in-depth discussions of pranayama breathing, along with the first six asanas of the Bikram method. While Kito moved through the postures, Rasheda pointed out the key features of each pose to really understand what it means to “receive 100% of the benefits” in Bikram Yoga. After every asana demonstration, both teachers circulated the room to give one-on-one attention to each student, providing small adjustments where necessary.

We are looking forward to the next session, this Wednesday, August 13th, where another of our wonderful teachers (it’s secret, so you’ll have to come to see who it is!) will guide the class from “standing separate leg stretching” to “wind-removing” pose. You won’t want to miss it…or the chance to get a sneak peak of our new studio as it begins to hum with the energy of Bikram Yoga Park Slope yogis. Om!

For more information, call  718.399.3369. See you on Wednesday at 7 p.m. Namaste!




Wednesdays in August

New to Bikram?

Join us Wednesdays in August at the new Lefferts Avenue studio!
  • Free FAQ and Partial Posture Break-Down: August 6, August 13, August 20
  • Full Class with Posture Correction: August 27, $25

Time: 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Place: 507 Flatbush Avenue (our brand new studio!)
Email: info@bikramyogaparkslope.com
Phone: 718.399.3369

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for newbies to begin their practice. Spread the love like your life depended on it (because it kinda does :)


postcard_new studio_lefferts_front_RGB

Hot Off the Presses: Lefferts Studio and Sizzling Specials

Get ready Lefferts Gardens…the schedule for BYPS Lefferts is here! And we’re revving up for some special classes too, including donation/community classes, women’s only classes, and some welcomed renovations to our current studios (Hint Hint:: Hygienic and snazzy eco-friendly cork flooring, anyone?)

To celebrate the opening of our new studio, we want to show our love to all our BYPS students with an incredible deal…

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY get our Grand Opening Special:

One month of unlimited yoga for only $50!! ($175 value)


Purchase by May 15th, use at all three locations. Already have a class package? No problem – purchase by May 15th and activate your Unlimited Month when your current package is used up.

Good for current students and new students (That’s YOU!)

**New students who purchase the $50 Unlimited Month special are no longer eligible for the regular New Student Special: $20/$80 Unlimited week/month.**

Notice something else brand new? Our class card packages NEVER expire. That’s right, buy a 5, 10 or 25 class card at any of our three studios and your classes will ALWAYS be there for you.

***Not applicable to unlimited packages, ex. Month Unlimited, 90 day Unlimited, or Annual Unlimited**

Stay tuned for more specials every month to keep BYPS Yogis hot all year long.


Bikram Yoga Park Slope/South Slope/Lefferts

Special thanks to our studio photographer Monica Felix and graphic designer Idalisse Sepulveda!