Auto Pay Terms and Conditions

I authorize Bikram Yoga Park Slope to charge my credit card for the agreed product on the same date of each month in exchange for unlimited yoga.

There is no fee to pause or re-start an unlimited autopay product. I understand that I may pause or cancel a Bikram Yoga Park Slope AutoPay contract only twice in any twelve-month span. My pause may be for a minimum of two weeks; and if for six months or more, Bikram Yoga Park Slope may terminate the Agreement and commence my pre-paid last month.

It is my responsibility to email to pause, re-start or cancel my AutoPay. To pause or cancel, I will provide written notification seven (7) days or more before my next charge is scheduled, else one final charge is authorized by me for one additional AutoPay month of yoga. I will have one final, pre-paid month of yoga to use upon my written cancellation notice.

If my credit card is lost, stolen, or expired, I agree to email and notify Bikram Yoga Park Slope before my next scheduled payment. After a second declined charge, Bikram Yoga Park Slope can terminate this Agreement. I will reimburse fees incurred by Bikram Yoga Park Slope for declined transactions or charge-back claims contrary to the terms of this AutoPay Agreement.

I indemnify and hold Bikram Yoga Park Slope harmless against all claims and promises to reimburse for any costs that may occur from misrepresentation or misuse of the credit card provided. I understand that Bikram Yoga Park Slope may change pricing policy at any time.