Yoga Baby is here for the holidays

Read more about BYPS instructor Saya Ishii Velazquez, mother of Santigo (6 yrs) and Sakura (3 yrs) as she shares about birthing her latest project: Yoga Baby

What was your experience with yoga during pregnancy?

I practiced and taught yoga through out both pregnancies and got my prenatal yoga certification and Doula certification when I was pregnant with Santiago seven years ago. Practicing yoga meant the world to me during pregnancy. Yoga helped me be more aware of the changes happening internally and externally while pregnant. Yoga helped me to feel strong and confident during labor and in giving birth. Practicing yoga gave me the courage to give birth to both my children at home.

Tell us about Yoga Baby.

Yoga Baby is my first book. The story just came to me one day while reading to my little ones. The book is about my son, Santiago. The story is told in Santiago’s voice and it is about how he used to do yoga in my belly, how he practices yoga by himself now and how yoga makes him feel.

I contacted my friend and illustrator, John DeVore, right away after writing my story to collaborate. John was excited about the story and the idea and the rest is history. We took many twists and turns until we had the right marriage of content and pictures to best express this story and we are so happy with the outcome.

What advice can you give new mothers?

My advice to new mothers is: life is practice. Just like yoga, we get better at it the more we do it. Don’t sweat the little stuff especially when it comes to raising little ones. Enjoy the process! It goes fast!

Saya Ishii VelazquezBYPS is hosting a book signing for Yoga Baby on Friday, December 5th, at our newest studio space: Prospect Park – Lefferts. The book signing kicks off at 6 p.m. and continues during our First Friday community class. Snacks will be provided by BYPS student Emily Hannon and her very own Brooklyn Porridge Co. Saya will have 200 copies of her book for sale on site.