Brooklyn Porridge


Emily Hannon shares her own story in her own words about her yoga practice–both on the mat and at Brooklyn Porridge.


Emily from Brooklyn Porridge Co.I moved to Brooklyn and started practicing Bikram regularly about seven years ago. I’ll admit it: I’m addicted. Before making the move to Brooklyn, I lived in the Caribbean for a decade, running my own restaurant. Moving back to the States was difficult; I literally felt like a fish out of water. Going to Bikram every day became my anchor. For 90 minutes I forgot about everything else and focused on my body. Yoga connected me to myself, I suppose.

One of the most powerful tools that I’ve gained from my practice is finding comfort in discomfort. 90 minutes of struggle and strength in the hot room builds an inner fortitude to handle challenges with calmness outside of the studio. I’ve also gained a deep understanding that sometimes you have to fall to move forward and grow. Yoga has deepened my capacity to handle challenges with an inner knowing that every obstacle is leading me in the direction toward my highest good, and that nothing is thrown at me that I don’t have the strength to handle. I keep practicing because it feels good and keeps me strong — both inside and out. I never get bored. The room is a microcosm of life outside of the studio. We are all warriors; we all have good days and bad, and we’re all connected. Bikram does more for me than I’m even aware of. Thank you, yoga family!


Porridge is the ultimate comfort food. With roots that span the globe, people of every culture and ethnicity have some connection to it. From Congee in Asia and Grits in the deep South, to Kasha in Eastern Europe and Oats in Scotland, porridge is universal, versatile, nourishing and sustaining. Porridge feels like home.

Having been immersed in the food world for over a decade with a dedicated Bikram practice for the past seven years, I’ve always had a passion for both cooking and nutrition, and wanted to dedicate my career to helping people get healthy. After graduating from the Natural Gourmet Institute to train in health-supportive cooking techniques, I teamed up with my business partner and friend, Karyn Seltzer, to bring porridge to Brooklyn (and eventually the WORLD!). We offer delicious and innovative comfort food that everyone can eat — regardless of dietary restrictions. Our menu is 100% gluten-free, and all of our porridge bases are dairy-free, so customers are welcome to add anything they want to their porridge bowl, including: fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses and high-quality meats, gourmet sweet and savory sauces and compotes, nuts and seeds, and a variety of artisanal granolas. We offer some really tempting signature sweet and savory combinations, or customers can design their own unique bowl. It’s a culinary adventure!


Porridge is an ideal pre- or post- work out meal, because it contains complex carbohydrates that digest slowly, giving the body energy to sustain rigorous physical activity for long periods of time. Perfect for a Bikram 90-minute session! Porridge is also low in fat and calories and high in fiber, boosting the metabolism and supporting weight loss. At Brooklyn Porridge, you can add healthful toppings to your bowl that support your individual nutritional needs.

The expert recommends:

Brooklyn Porridge Seasonal Favorite“The Kimcheelicious” with Napa Cabbage Kimchee, Sunflower Satay, Edamame, Toasted Sesame Seeds & a Kiss of Honey Sriracha over our comforting and protein-packed Amaranth-Millet blend.

Brooklyn Porridge Co. is located at 741 Union Street in Park Slope between 5th and 6th Avenue. Stop by with your Bikram Yoga keychain (the same one you use to check into class) and get a free topping of your choice on your favorite porridge anytime.